A Special Set…. For LA’s Finest.

November 20, 2012 in Los Angeles, Marathon Crash Race, Midnight Drag Race, News

We are extremely proud to announce the award of a VERY special set of Dog Tags to our friend, Officer Gordon Helper of the Los Angeles Police Department. Last year, it was Officer Helper that came to the higher ups in the LAPD and explained just how amazing and good natured the LA bicycle community really is - it takes one to know one right? He personally vouched for Wolfpack Hustle and the bike community, volunteering to assist in keeping the Marathon Crash Race 2012 as safe as possible given the rain and logistics of such an event. Continuing his support for the community into the summer, Officer Helper again came to bat for and helped us produce our first legally permitted event ever... the Midnight Drag Race 2012. Officer Helper personally donated his time to the event and kept it 110% safe - even during a brief emergency involving a nearby high speed chase. Several times during the night the crowd sent him love via raucous applause once even as he playfully rode a fixed gear bike during a break in the action. He was the first on the scene closing the street down and he didn't leave till the last riders left the tunnel at 3:45am. That is above and beyond the call of duty. So many people, young and old and from incredibly diverse backgrounds from across Southern California and beyond are coming together to ride bicycles, and Officer Gordon Helper has been a special friend to the bicycle community in Los Angeles not only through his work with Wolfpack Hustle, but especially through his work with Los Angeles Critical Mass. When Officer Helper became involved with LACM he immediately made friends with cyclists. Utilizing his years of experience as a cyclist and his mental strength and discipline acquired through his service to the country in the military he led a peaceful integration of the LAPD into Critical Mass. Other cities are not so lucky. Officer Helper approached things different. Instead of looking to exert outright control over the ride, he educated the LAPD motorcycle and bicycle units on how to handle themselves in ways that would make the ride more enjoyable for all and thus winning the hearts and minds and cooperation of thousands of new and young riders. We are looking forward to 2013 and another great year working with the LAPD and our partners in the city to produce some of the most amazing cycling experiences to date. "Receiving the Dog Tags from Roadblock himself, in the area I serve the people of Los Angeles, out on the street was one of the most incredible experiences of my career thus far. I've received awards from the Department but the really special awards are those that come from the people I serve and protect. I fully understand the blood and tears that come from the people that have won the Dog Tags at Wolfpack events and I have shared in many of those experiences but in a different way. I was not able to do the the thing I love most and that is ride in these events but I was given the chance to do the second best thing and that was serve all of you. I'm humbled by this gesture. Truly humbled. Thank you..." - Officer Helper   Check out Officer Helper in action in this LA Times video about the Midnight Drag Race 2012: http://www.latimes.com/videogallery/71433116/News/Midnight-bike-race-takes-over-2nd-Street-tunnel Officer Helper (sirens ablaze in the LAPD vehicle) assisting the massive Marathon Crash Race through the streets of Hollywood: