Wolfpack Hustle began in 2005 as a Monday night open invite fast paced bicycle ride at Tang’s Donut in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Over the years, we’ve come to do two things fairly well – group rides, and race events.


Our race events are unique and designed for FUN and we invite everyone to participate. But make no mistake, the competition is fierce. Our races are not for the faint of heart. If you choose to race, make sure you have the skills and ability. Attend our Monday night rides and get a feel for what’s in store for you.

Sometimes participation means the audience rides with our race from start to finish as with the Marathon Crash Race. Sometimes it means kicking back and enjoying a great race. Volunteering for the production can be very rewarding as well. We are the community, the community is us and moving forward, our aim is to keep the community involved in every way as we grow our race events and series beyond our wildest dreams thanks to our partners.


The Hustle Ride, as it has become known, crosses wide swaths of territory. The ride follows different routes every week of 35-70 miles depending on the mood of the group. All are invited, but understand, riders get dropped. Bring any bicycle you want but bring enough resources to get yourself home should your bike fail or you run out of steam. Road and track bikes are recommended but people have been known to finish on mountain bikes. Riders are responsible for their own safety as well as that of the pack. The ride stops for breaks along the way allowing everyone a chance to catch up.

“This is NOT a race. This is a hustle.” After 7 years our original motto still holds true… Riders learn how to negotiate live traffic at considerable speeds while working together on this ride. This is cooperative competition. This is love for everyone on the road. This is hold your line. We negotiate with ourselves and we negotiate with traffic. We go behind the cars. We fly under the radar. We make it obvious. We call out everything. Holes peds cars left cars right cars up cars back wide right big left big light rolling slowing stopping timing. We look ahead and judge the light. We read what’s unfolding. We pass on the left. We move to the right. Stale green? Fresh red? Slow it up a little and time the light. We catch the green so we aren’t making any silly decisions… We watch for late. We conserve momentum. We draft buses.  We escort the elderly across the street. We race jets. We find special places in far away corners of Los Angeles just because it feels good the next morning to brag. We do what it takes.

Thorn resistant tires.
GOOD Lights front and rear.