#WOLFPACKCRIT Instagram Virtual Product toss (whuuuut.)

May 24, 2013 in Civic Center Crit, Crash Race Sponsors, CRAY SHIT, News, Race Events, The Hustle Ride by Roadblock

Y’all getting teams together for the #WOLFPACKCRIT?

Here we go again with the Instagram “virtual product toss™®©.”
This was pretty fun last time. You know the drill you pick up the SWAG at the June 23rd Criterium at City Hall!

Tag your photos:


CRIT RACES take raw speed and power, but also a good part strategy and coordination between people.
When you train for this, try training with a group or joining a group ride to get a feel for this.

Show us your team or ride groups and post them on INSTAGRAM.
We will reward the best photos with swaggie. SWAGGIE!

We don’t care who you are we dont care what you are wearing (if anything) we just want to see you out there riding!

Best team names, furthest spots, best views, funniest names, biggest teams, lone wolves…. put together a group ride
and practice working together. Show us your drills your training all that good shit and we will pick out the best and
the ones that get like and comments. Make it fun.

Wait what? you need suggestions for team names? hmmm ok you could be the Roidinspandexroadies or how
about Hurrinhipsters…. ? Ok ok ok… we will leave it up to you to be creative… Hannelenanemalzz?

This weeks SWAG prize comes from Chrome Industries
The Welded Post Bag check it out: http://www.chromeindustries.com/bags/welded-postbag

We will check the feed for NEW photos as of 5/24/2013
We will throw out the Chrome bag next Friday…

Wolfpack Hustle: LA Times coverage

December 27, 2012 in CRAY SHIT, Los Angeles, Wolfpack A by Roadblock

Fabian Vazquez myself and Hernian Montenegro talk with the LA Times about Wolfpack Hustle. The one thing that I would like to say is that the article paints us more as scofflaws than we really are. We respect the reds, traffic and time the lights. For a park starved city like LA, riding a bicycle at night on a Monday is not the worst activity people can engage in. in fact, it is one of the healthier things we can do.

Read the article here.

Wolfpack Hustle: LA 12/16/12

December 18, 2012 in CRAY SHIT by Fabian Vazquez

Start of the ride. With the weather been on the colder side. Was very impressed with the turn out!

Cyclones stopped just to show some christmas spirit

Cyclones / Wolfpack Hustle

Wolfpack Hustle takes over Hollywierd

Wolfpack Hustle wishes you happy holidays and happy new year foos

30 seconds with Austin Horse

December 17, 2012 in CRAY SHIT by Roadblock

Warren Kommers shot some footage of Austin back in 2011SICK!

Wolfpack HuSTLe – St.Louis, 12-09-12

December 10, 2012 in CRAY SHIT by Rolomite

.Let’s go see the lights. 34degrees-low and some major windage. Hustle to survive! In St.Louis MO we meet each week on Sunday @Coffee Cartel In Central West End at 8pm, roll out by 830ish, and finish @the Handlebar in The Grove neighborhood.

Wolfpack Hustle STL – City Laps “Wonderland”

Check out the vimeo link above for some great film work from new Hustler, our good friend-

 Ernesto Pacheco.

Left to Right: Tom H, Ernesto, Tom B, Kayce, Andy, M-it,Christopher, Jeremy, Charlie, Courtney, and Toph spread out at the bottom.

Left to right; Charlie,Ernesto, Tom H, Christopher, Courtney, Tom B, M-it, Toph.




Left to Right; Ben, Ernesto, Tom H, Christopher, Courtney, Charlie, Tom B, M-it.

Left to Right; Toph,\/ Christopher, /\ Tom B, Courtney, Tom H, Ernesto, M-it, Charlie.

Game Changer: Dwyane Wade at Miami Critical Mass and The Bicycle Generation.

December 7, 2012 in CRAY SHIT by Roadblock

Can’t get over how cool this is… When I first heard of Critical Mass ages ago before the group ride phenomenon took over LA it was posed to me in a negative light. It was talked about in the media as a protest or as agitative to cars… It came as a surprise just how fun and non confrontational Critical Mass actually was the first time I rode on it.

It is with clips such as this shot of Dwyane Wade speaking from almost a child-like enthusiasm for “the people” and showing a genuine love for cycling that will finally break down the barriers preventing real conversations about encouraging and facilitating cycling across the nation.


Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade at Miami Critical Mass – YouTube.

Another game changer? The advent of sophisticated DIY marketing put out by passionate talented artists from every corner of the world who happen to love cycling. Cycling this decade has inspired a massive grass roots DIY marketing industry “funded” mostly by sweat heart and love. Witness the quality of this piece put out by Miami Bike Scene. These films are timeless. We will look back on this decade as the bicycle generation.

Vintage Cap

December 7, 2012 in CRAY SHIT by Roadblock


Spotted this “vintage” cap in Silver Lake yesterday at triangle park. Designed by Joff at XLarge as part of a collab we did in ’08 #throwbackthursday

Amgen Tour Of California

November 27, 2012 in CRAY SHIT by Fabian Vazquez

Wolfpack Hustle LA is very excited for the tour of california announcement of the 2013 route. The route seems to be a bit of a departure from its previous routes. Trying to expand from the usual big city, to the outer limits of California for what were hoping will be an exciting week of racing.

From Pavedmag.com “Starting in Escondido, just north of San Diego, the race will wind its way up the state, moving inland before heading out to the coast and up to the race finish in Santa Rosa, the host of last year’s race start. The new reversed route is sure to introduce a few new aspects to the week’s racing. With much of the state’s winds running from north-to-south, that could have a heavy impact on some of the racing, especially the coastal stages. Temperature could also come into play with riders heading inland to the Palm Desert area early in the race. While still early in the year, temperatures there can routinely enter the 90′s during the month of May.

Still, the change of direction will be sure to inject some refreshed excitement into the race, especially with the new addition of the summit finish atop Mt. Diablo, which is sure to animate the penultimate day of racing, if not decide the race itself. With the individual time trial always playing a decisive roll in the race, the city of San Jose should provide plenty of fanfare for the important stage—it’s the only city to have played a part in all eight editions of the race.

Riders have proved receptive to the change, and the fans are likely to follow suit come May.

“I’m very excited to hear about the new south-north route for the 2013 Amgen Tour of California,” remarked Chris Horner, winner of the race’s 2011 edition.

“After growing up in San Diego, I love seeing the race back on the roads I’ve ridden for the past 25 years. Being welcomed by thousands of fans in Escondido in 2009 was a highlight of my career, and I’m sure the crowds will be even more amazing for the 2013 edition.”

2013 Route

Stage 1: Sunday, May 12 – Escondido (Starts and finishes in Escondido)

Stage 2: Monday, May 13 – Murrieta to Greater Palm Springs

Stage 3: Tuesday, May 14 – Palmdale to Santa Clarita

Stage 4: Wednesday, May 15 – Santa Clarita to Santa Barbara

Stage 5: Thursday, May 16 – Santa Barbara to Avila Beach

Stage 6: Friday, May 17 – San Jose (Individual Time Trial)

Stage 7: Saturday, May 18 – Livermore to Mt. Diablo (Summit Finish)

Stage 8: Sunday, May 19 – San Francisco to Santa Rosa

See everyone in MAY!

Red Hook Milano

November 15, 2012 in CRAY SHIT by Fabian Vazquez

AMAZING footage of an AMAZING race.

Red hook Milano 2012 from Barceloneta Bikes on Vimeo.


12th Annual Cranksgiving Alleycat Los Angeles

November 15, 2012 in CRAY SHIT by Fabian Vazquez

By far the best reason to race. Always a good time with friends and an even better cause.