2013 Midnight Drag Race Video Recap by 2071

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I absolutely love Rafael’s work.

A Special Set…. For LA’s Finest.

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We are extremely proud to announce the award of a VERY special set of Dog Tags to our friend, Officer Gordon Helper of the Los Angeles Police Department. Last year, it was Officer Helper that came to the higher ups in the LAPD and explained just how amazing and good natured the LA bicycle community really is – it takes one to know one right? He personally vouched for Wolfpack Hustle and the bike community, volunteering to assist in keeping the Marathon Crash Race 2012 as safe as possible given the rain and logistics of such an event.

Continuing his support for the community into the summer, Officer Helper again came to bat for and helped us produce our first legally permitted event ever… the Midnight Drag Race 2012. Officer Helper personally donated his time to the event and kept it 110% safe – even during a brief emergency involving a nearby high speed chase. Several times during the night the crowd sent him love via raucous applause once even as he playfully rode a fixed gear bike during a break in the action. He was the first on the scene closing the street down and he didn’t leave till the last riders left the tunnel at 3:45am. That is above and beyond the call of duty.

So many people, young and old and from incredibly diverse backgrounds from across Southern California and beyond are coming together to ride bicycles, and Officer Gordon Helper has been a special friend to the bicycle community in Los Angeles not only through his work with Wolfpack Hustle, but especially through his work with Los Angeles Critical Mass. When Officer Helper became involved with LACM he immediately made friends with cyclists. Utilizing his years of experience as a cyclist and his mental strength and discipline acquired through his service to the country in the military he led a peaceful integration of the LAPD into Critical Mass. Other cities are not so lucky. Officer Helper approached things different. Instead of looking to exert outright control over the ride, he educated the LAPD motorcycle and bicycle units on how to handle themselves in ways that would make the ride more enjoyable for all and thus winning the hearts and minds and cooperation of thousands of new and young riders. We are looking forward to 2013 and another great year working with the LAPD and our partners in the city to produce some of the most amazing cycling experiences to date.

“Receiving the Dog Tags from Roadblock himself, in the area I serve the people of Los Angeles, out on the street was one of the most incredible experiences of my career thus far. I’ve received awards from the Department but the really special awards are those that come from the people I serve and protect. I fully understand the blood and tears that come from the people that have won the Dog Tags at Wolfpack events and I have shared in many of those experiences but in a different way. I was not able to do the the thing I love most and that is ride in these events but I was given the chance to do the second best thing and that was serve all of you. I’m humbled by this gesture. Truly humbled. Thank you…” – Officer Helper


Check out Officer Helper in action in this LA Times video about the Midnight Drag Race 2012:

Officer Helper (sirens ablaze in the LAPD vehicle) assisting the massive Marathon Crash Race through the streets of Hollywood:

Predator Cycling

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Predator the winners of the “2012 Wolfpack Hustle Drag race” released a video today on thier carbon repair services. Team predator based in Santa Monica are doin big things and we expect to see alot from them 2013.

Official Results: The Wolfpack Hustle Midnight Drag Race 2012

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Beatriz Rodriguez and Tim McGee winners of the Midnight Drag Race 2012

Thanks to Dorothy Wong Chris Basset and Socal Cross Timing for providing the timing team and equipment to make this race our most legit yet:

qualified as WOMEN’s QUALIFYING TIMES total time diff
1 Shelby Walter 27.32
2 Lindsay Nelson 28.01 0.69
3 Beatriz Rodriguez 28.08 0.76
4 Jo Celso 28.60 1.28
5 Nyrah Hearts 29.00 1.68
6 Mei Zhao 29.56 2.24
7 Nicole Luque 30.78 3.46
8 Vivian Tran 30.78 3.46
9 Melanie Seeger 30.84 3.52
10 Nayelle Martinez 31.02 3.70
11 Linette Sowa 31.06 3.74
12 Cathy Chang 31.08 3.76
13 diana chavez 31.88 4.56
14 Susie Lowbrow 31.91 4.59
15 Jen Cruz 32.02 4.70
16 Carlson Krista 32.31 4.99
17 Bri Witt 32.49 5.17
18 Katherine Relth 32.54 5.22
19 Sara Bond 32.71 5.39
20 Kat Namey 32.95 5.63
21 erial tompkins 32.99 5.67
22 Alijah Vesquez 33.01 5.69
23 Maria Moreno 33.16 5.84
24 Vasquez Alijah 33.31 5.99
25 perez janina 34.02 6.70
26 Jesse Gillingham 38.64 11.32
qualified as MEN’s QUALIFYING TIMES total time diff
1 Tim McGee 23.55
2 JAMES ZALDUA 23.58 0.03
3 Jack Lindquist 23.73 0.18
4 TONY ZALDUA 24.39 0.84
5 Max Rich 24.42 0.87
6 Scott Piercefield 24.77 1.22
7 Edgar Willo Juarez 24.96 1.41
8 Bud Abille 24.98 1.43
9 Fabian Vazquez 25.00 1.45
10 Langdon Taguiped 25.16 1.61
11 Robert Pacheco 25.29 1.74
12 Bryan Harding 25.31 1.76
13 Rudy Lopez 25.35 1.80
14 Steven Bonilla 25.43 1.88
15 Brad Adams 25.46 1.91
16 brian guzman 25.48 1.93
17 Angel Dubon 25.50 1.95
18 Hern Montenegro 25.50 1.95
19 Samson Hatae 25.50 1.95
20 Eric PNUT Zamudio 25.65 2.10
21 Edgar Jetforce 25.70 2.15
22 Troy De Bridges 25.76 2.21
23 vinh tran 25.82 2.27
24 Anthony Rovira 25.83 2.28
25 Rob Morris 25.89 2.34
26 Henry Grijalva 25.91 2.36
27 Richard Lozada 25.94 2.39
28 christian Santamaria 25.97 2.42
29 andrew huitink 26.01 2.46
30 Cameron Bryant 26.03 2.48
31 Matt Zok 26.10 2.55
32 Jessi Sierra 26.13 2.58
33 Bryan Arita 26.18 2.63
34 Edge Face 26.18 2.63
35 Francis Simpson 26.21 2.66
36 michael chitjian 26.21 2.66
37 Johnny Le 26.22 2.67
38 Ivan Delgado 26.22 2.67
39 Philip Meyer 26.30 2.75
40 Tyler Gilmore 26.38 2.83
41 ANdy Hernandez 26.38 2.83
42 omar de los sant 26.44 2.89
43 Christian Vazquez 26.47 2.92
44 Sandy Gip 26.49 2.94
45 Lloyd Bandonillo 26.51 2.96
46 Felipe Castillo 26.55 3.00
47 Seth Graham 26.58 3.03
48 jaime rojas 26.59 3.04
49 Jesus Lizama 26.60 3.05
50 Oscar Ochoa 26.62 3.07
51 Cristian Martinez 26.64 3.09
52 Jose Gonzalez 26.67 3.12
53 Lucas Evans 26.68 3.13
54 Augusto Peraza 26.69 3.14
55 Brandon Gillette 26.78 3.23
56 Joe Camacho 26.80 3.25
57 Munjal Thakkar 26.81 3.26
58 Andres Villanueva 26.84 3.29
59 Willis Grijalvaa 26.85 3.30
60 Jose Henriquez 26.88 3.33
61 Mihai Peteu 26.94 3.39
62 Brandon Reyes 26.94 3.39
63 Christophe Serrano 26.98 3.43
64 Brett Elford 26.98 3.43
65 Elliott Pallett 27.00 3.45
66 jamile bard 27.03 3.48
67 brendan sund 27.05 3.50
68 Chris Lopez 27.05 3.50
69 Danne Pineda 27.09 3.54
70 Erik Meeina 27.11 3.56
71 Eric Gunderson 27.11 3.56
72 Donnie Walker 27.13 3.58
73 Francis De Jesus 27.26 3.71
74 carter holland 27.32 3.77
75 Alex D Foo 27.35 3.80
76 Daniel Alvarado 27.35 3.80
77 joseph rios 27.37 3.82
78 Mike Bowers 27.38 3.83
79 Rodney Agura 27.49 3.94
80 alvin Escajeda 27.50 3.95
81 Aaron Kuehn 27.51 3.96
82 Jonathan McDonald 27.65 4.10
83 Juan Chavez 27.77 4.22
84 Abe Mubarak 27.84 4.29
85 Jerome Podgajski 27.86 4.31
86 Torres Juan 27.92 4.37
87 richard ornelas 27.94 4.39
88 Andrej Jusufbego 27.95 4.40
89 Gabriel Aid 27.96 4.41
90 Jose Claud Ramirez 27.96 4.41
91 Jason Soaris 27.99 4.44
92 Rosales Roehl 27.99 4.44
93 Austin Osuna 28.05 4.50
94 Scott Hodnefield 28.07 4.52
95 Kevin Salazar 28.10 4.55
96 Keegan Uhl 28.10 4.55
97 Steve Aguirre 28.21 4.66
98 craig scagnetti 28.22 4.67
99 Edmundo Rea 28.34 4.79
100 jose parreno 28.35 4.80
101 Larry Lem 28.49 4.94
102 Jose Lopez 28.58 5.03
103 Bryan Novelo 28.58 5.03
104 Austin Calderon 28.60 5.05
105 Chris Fortuna 28.64 5.09
106 Kevin Kang 28.72 5.17
107 Mas Jonas 28.75 5.20
108 Justin Congo Mitchell 28.76 5.21
109 Jon Nakano 28.82 5.27
110 John Aunedi 28.92 5.37
111 austin calderon 29.04 5.49
112 Nikko Garcia 29.06 5.51
113 Parker Jones 29.13 5.58
114 Riccardo Mejia 29.15 5.60
115 brian holmes 29.23 5.68
116 Christophe Doody 29.31 5.76
117 Jesse Fuller 29.56 6.01
118 Bryan Benitez 29.68 6.13
119 Pedro Chavelas 29.68 6.13
120 Garry Souverain 29.69 6.14
121 Kevin Molina 29.71 6.16
122 ian melgar 29.85 6.30
123 Jhonnel Magat 29.86 6.31
124 sean Martin 29.91 6.36
125 Arley Carmen 29.97 6.42
126 Henry Coronado 30.11 6.56
127 Eliss Glasch 30.14 6.59
128 jose cobian 30.20 6.65
129 Julio Saenz 30.34 6.79
130 Daniel Guerrero 30.42 6.87
131 Miguel Cervantes 30.55 7.00
132 Martin Vasquez 30.73 7.18
133 Douglas Anderson 30.75 7.20
134 Steve Manzanels 30.76 7.21
135 Espinoza Zabdiel 30.96 7.41
136 Fred Mackey 31.07 7.52
137 Thomas Coan 31.37 7.82
138 Bruce Bellamy 32.13 8.58
139 michael puente 33.08 9.53
140 Henry Gonzalez 33.14 9.59
141 Henry Gonzalez 33.19 9.64
142 vareal-rico luis 37.87 14.32
143 Daniel Covarrubias 42.09 18.54
144 Parth Thakkar 45.38 21.83
DNF Ferdinand Macalos DNF



THANK YOU. Midnight Drag Race 2012

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The Tunnel as it was left by the LA cycling community at 4:30AM on July 29th 2012….

The Historic 2nd St. tunnel at approximately 4:30AM just hours after the Midnight Drag Race.

Dear Everyone,

THANK YOU for making The Wolfpack Hustle Midnight Drag Race a dream come true. The cycling community in Los Angeles NEVER ever ever ever ceases to amaze me. Never. There is something about people who choose to ride bicycles particularly in Los Angeles… Maybe it is the humbling nature of riding a bicycle on hostile streets that pulls people from every background together under one umbrella to create magical experiences like we did on Saturday night. People have been thanking me for what happened on Saturday, but it feels disingenuous to accept thanks because this was no less than a grass roots community of people that made this event happen. So many people need to be thanked including the 2000+ spectators who treated the historic tunnel and this event with so much respect. The most incredible part was the amount of people who stayed till the end, and picked up trash, rounded up cones and actually left the tunnel cleaner than we found it. Mind blown. Only this LA bicycle community has that kind of grit and energy.

Many many people did their part but I’d like to extend special thanks to Sara Hernandez the Downtown LA director for CD14 who brought this concept to the Councilman, to Officer Gordon Helper who volunteered his time for the entire event and for generally being the most awesome cop on the planet, Dorothy Wong and Chris Basset of SoCal Cross Timing, Rick Kleinsmith of TRAFIK, Patrick Miller, Kieron Menzies, Norma Herrera, Taj Johnson, Ben Mook, Manny Gallegos, Gern Trowbridge, Lauren Robison, Mehdi Farsi, Paul Ku, Thomas Forsyth, Raymond Roker, Steve Kelty and so many more listed below.

The list of thanks is long and it is INCOMPLETE. Please email me if you volunteered and don’t see your name on this list and please accept my humble apology in advance for neglecting to put you on.

If you had a good time on Saturday please thank each one of these people and support these companies when you can.

Councilman Jose Huizar
Officer Gordon Helper LAPD
City Grounds
State Bicycle Co.
Thomas Forsyth Bicycle Attorney
SoCal Cross Timing
PureFix Cycles
Swank One
BLKMarket Bicycles
Activate Drinks
Orange20 Bikes

Rick Kleinsmith – Producer
Manny Gallegos – production
Gern Trowbridge – production
Mike Magdalen – production
Erik Mateo – op crew
Jesus Lizama – op crew
Eric Jojola – op crew
Joseph Bray Ali – op crew
Saul Jimenez – op crew
Eric Jojola – op crew
Joseph Santos – op crew
Chris Redwine – op crew

Dorothy Wong
Chris Basset
Jeff Herring

Race Marshal and crew:
Kieron Menzies – Race Marshal
Alex Steiner
Lynn Kennedy
James Villagrana – MR. DQ
Edwin Bonilla
John Osnap Clark
Matt Zuk
Chris Redwine
Hern Montenegro

Legal Waiver:
Stephan Anrdranian Law

EMT and Medical Bike:
Justin Garcia – EMS Coordinator
Tallbike Oscar
Nick Morgan
Juan Blanco

Rider Safety:
Bob Hydar
Samson Hydar

Siobhan Dolan
Heidi Hydar
Norma Herrera
Edson Palucha
Joseph Adam Santos
Dorothy Wong
Justin Diep
(need more names please email)

Audio / Video:
Patrick Miller – Producer
Paul Bivens (LA-VA)
Beex (Icy Lytes)
Jonny Boy (Los Angelopes)
Fuzzbeast (Los Angelopes)

Carlos Alfaro
Mark Kleinsmith
Nicolas Rodriguez
(need more names please email)

The Throne:
Taj Johnson – Art Director / Production
Paul Allison
John Mascaro

Drag Race Light Tree:
Rev. Ben Mook – Art Director / Production

City Grounds Athlete Zone:

Documentary / Production:
Warren Kommers
Rick Darge
Richie Thomassen
Ace Carterro
Dennis Gonzales
Wendy Macias

Lauren Robison
Norma Herrera

Emergency Web Help:
Sam Gendler

Freek Bike Races:
The Los Angelopes

Clean Up:
The tunnel was SPOTLESS when we left.
Dj Chicken Leather
Gern Trowbridge

EPIC SWAGGSTACY: Brandt-Sorenson Men’s and Women’s Custom Bamboo Fabric Best Sprinter’s Green Jerseys

July 28, 2012 in CRAY SHIT, Midnight Drag Race, Midnight Drag Race Sponsors, Race Events by Roadblock

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Look at this gorgeous comfy Brandt-Sorenson jersey. Winning. Brandt will even custom tailor it to the winners as he does with all his hand sewn custom premium jerseys. Bamboo fabric.






July 28, 2012 in CRAY SHIT, HANNEL ET, Los Angeles, Midnight Drag Race, News, Race Events by Roadblock

The Wolfpack Hustle Midnight Drag Race 2012 Dog Tags.



Tomorrow night, July 28th we will be together in the 2nd St. Tunnel enjoying a night of great fun and friendly but fierce competition.

I would like to thank you and everyone else for registering and supporting this race, we’ve poured our heart and souls into the event
in the hopes of creating something memorable.

PLEASE refer to the start list and CONFIRM that your name is on there.
If you purchased a ticket for someone else please make sure their name is
listed. If not, no need to panic, we can correct it at registration. YOU must
hand off your registration to the person you have designated in person.


We need to prove you are you. You will be signing a waiver / liability release.
If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign with you.

You will NOT be allowed to compete without one.

Not allowed. We dont have the permits we will get shut down.

You will register.
You will sign the waver.
Checking in your bike for inspection,
Park your bike in you designated HEAT area
Warm up in the City Grounds Athlete zone.

You need to get to the City Grounds Athlete zone at least 30 minutes before your heat.

RACERS are racing against the ENTIRE field of 200.
RACERS will be timed INDEPENDENTLY two at a time in groups called HEATS.
The fastest time standing (men’s and womens) at the end of each HEAT holds the Throne.
Prizes are awarded to the THRONE holders after every HEAT.

After all of the racers have been timed, the TOP 16 times will go head to head tournament style bracketed elimination. Basically, like college basketball.

The last man and woman standing will get the DOG TAGS, SWAG and $100 cash.
We will also determine 3rd and 4th place.


If you are in HEAT 1, you need to be there at 7PM.

IF a rider crosses the line, enters the opponent’s zone with any body part or drafts an opponent then that rider is disqualified.




RECON MISSION: Beatriz “She Wolf” Rodriguez is back for another set….

July 26, 2012 in CRAY SHIT, HANNEL ET, Los Angeles, Midnight Drag Race, Race Events by Roadblock

Time flies. Seems like only months ago Beatriz was rolling every Monday night with the pack cutting her teeth on the LA streets… In reality that was almost 3 years ago now. Slowly but surely we saw the transformation of a good cyclist into an ELITE cyclist. With more and more success on in the USA cycling circuit Beatriz faded from the Monday night ride and we were proud to hear about all the wins collecting under her belt… Winner of the Dog Tags in 2007 for the Midnight Drag Race one and two, Beatriz now has state and national championships under her belt. We are absolutely excited to see her come back to defend her title….



Beatriz killing the competition in both fixed and geared divisions at The Midnight Drag Race II 2007 6th st bridge…



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Sprinting is very much about strategy as it is about head games as it is about crushing your opponent mercilessly. One phenom who has been rising up at the track – and dominating – is Tim McGee. I personally got to witness the carnage at the Golden Saddle Gran Prix the other weekend. McGee got 3rd over all in the Marathon Crash Race 2012 earlier this year, and all signs point to a fierce showing at the Midnight Drag Race. An un-named pro cyclist has been quoted: “I’m putting my money on McGee.” We are STOKED as hell to find out who takes this!


Tim McGee at the Marathon Crash Race 2012 (3rd over all)
photo by Devon Tsuno

“I raced my first State Championships today and won all my events! Match Sprints, Keirin, and Team Sprint with Hernan Ezequiel Montenegro and Aram Goganian.” – Tim McGee


Will this be the final match up? Some people think so… Saturday night… we will find out!

Sponsor highlight: TRAFIK

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TRAFIK has been involved with Fixed Gear Culture for some time now and we’re stoked to have them on board once again as a race sponsor. TRAFIK made their first public release with the film, “To Live & Ride in L.A.” in which the Wolfpack Hustle All City Race was featured. To Live & Ride in L.A. went on to enjoy huge success, becoming the #1 Sports Movie on iTunes.

Since then, TRAFIK has become an international brand representing Global Fixed Gear Culture. Check out what they have to offer over at their Shop and visit their Blog to see photos, video, and articles about the Fixed Gear world.

TRAFIK is currently sponsoring 2 reserved slots for the Drag Race which is currently Sold Out! Make sure to visit their Facebook Page and submit yourself for a chance to get sponsored for the race.

Thanks TRAFIK!