Wolfpack Hustle San Francisco: 2 years and still pushing strong.

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Time is an odd phenomenon. It can seem slow, or it can pass you by in a blur. It’s more the latter when I think of the past 2 years Wolfpack Hustle has been stomping through the streets of San Francisco.
Our very first ride drew quite a few people out of the woodwork…you see, unlike the night ride scene in SoCal, San Francisco is sparse in that department. What’s even more interesting is the turnout we had despite the fact that the first ride was not under the Wolfpack Hustle moniker (It had no name for the first four rides).

First ride

The first ride. 1-30-2012

Much like the original WPH from L.A., we relied on nothing more than word-of-mouth and Facebook to promote our ride. With new social media outlets such as Instagram and STRAVA, news of our ride was spreading. New riders documented their experience with our group in shared photographs and hashtags. Once secured STRAVA segments would be swept by our crew in considerable and definitive fashion. CAT 1-2 racers would show up and describe the ride as a “high-intensity interval training” ride.

Year one

One year anniversary. 2-4-2013

Just like any group ride, we would have riders show in different frequencies. Some would show up, love the ride, and never return. Some would ride intermittently. And some would get hooked, and be there week in and week out. Two things were remaining consistent: bikes were being ridden, and fun was being had.

Year two.

Year two. 1-27-2014

If you’re ever in town, please swing by on a Monday and say hello, hopefully with bike in tow. We meet at 7:45pm on Patricia’s Green on Hayes and Octavia, every Monday, rain or shine.

Wolfpack Hustle SF

Links to photosets below:
Inaugural Ride
1 Year Anniversary
2 Year Anniversary

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Wolfpack HuSTLe- The V… 11-17-13

November 22, 2013 in St. Louis, The Hustle Ride by Tbrokus

Longtime Hustler Chris V decided to make the route for last Sunday and in my opinion, he nailed it. Like it was your mom… The wind was absolutely horrible, yet helpful at times, and according to the weather channel, it got up to 70 m.p.h. but that didn’t stop us from hustlin. The route took us around the park and into North City and then all the way down St Charles Rock Rd into downtown. From there we killed it down Broadway to arsenal and took that all the way til it ended and then we crushed Manchester flats to Handlebar. See everybody Sunday night….


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Wolfpack HuSTLe Jefferson Barracks 11-10-13

November 15, 2013 in St. Louis, The Hustle Ride by Tbrokus

On Sunday night we did an old but super fun hustle. We head down to Broadway from Coffee Cartel and head South all the way to Jefferson Barracks Park, turn around and come back, hitting up Chouteau and all of its hills. Not a long hustle but that means you have to hit it a little harder to get all you can out of it. And that’s exactly what we did with lead pack averaging over 20 mph. KILLIN IT!!!! Wolfpack owns Broadway! Andrea came out for her second hustle and Owen came out to his first. Both of them kicked ass! I hope they come out again this week. See y’all Sunday


Robert always looks like that when he drinks

Robert always looks like that when he drinks



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STL Wolfpack Hustle: To141 and Back 10-20-13

October 30, 2013 in St. Louis, The Hustle Ride by Tbrokus

This was a ride I had never done before but I’m glad I did. Manchester is a fast fast fast road all the way out to the county with plenty of rolling hills. And if there is one thing Wolfpack STL loves, its LOTS-O-HILLS… It was a smaller Hustle with only 9 at the start but that didn’t stop us from killin it all the way out to the county and back.


Jim, Bomber, Will, Courtney, Jon, Tom, Jim (getting friendly with the deer), and Eliot.

Jim, Bomber, Will, Courtney, Jon, Tom, Jim (getting friendly with the deer), and Eliot.

<iframe height=’405′ width=’590′ frameborder=’0′ allowtransparency=’true’ scrolling=’no’ src=’http://www.strava.com/activities/90383868/embed/e5ecc43860739e6ca57057574ca03961ca351395′></iframe>

#WOLFPACKCRIT Instagram Virtual Product toss (whuuuut.)

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Y’all getting teams together for the #WOLFPACKCRIT?

Here we go again with the Instagram “virtual product toss™®©.”
This was pretty fun last time. You know the drill you pick up the SWAG at the June 23rd Criterium at City Hall!

Tag your photos:


CRIT RACES take raw speed and power, but also a good part strategy and coordination between people.
When you train for this, try training with a group or joining a group ride to get a feel for this.

Show us your team or ride groups and post them on INSTAGRAM.
We will reward the best photos with swaggie. SWAGGIE!

We don’t care who you are we dont care what you are wearing (if anything) we just want to see you out there riding!

Best team names, furthest spots, best views, funniest names, biggest teams, lone wolves…. put together a group ride
and practice working together. Show us your drills your training all that good shit and we will pick out the best and
the ones that get like and comments. Make it fun.

Wait what? you need suggestions for team names? hmmm ok you could be the Roidinspandexroadies or how
about Hurrinhipsters…. ? Ok ok ok… we will leave it up to you to be creative… Hannelenanemalzz?

This weeks SWAG prize comes from Chrome Industries
The Welded Post Bag check it out: http://www.chromeindustries.com/bags/welded-postbag

We will check the feed for NEW photos as of 5/24/2013
We will throw out the Chrome bag next Friday…

Wolfpack HuSTLe – St.Louis 12-16-2012

December 17, 2012 in St. Louis, The Hustle Ride by Rolomite

Wolfpack assembles At the Coffee Cartel in Central West End

Wolfpack Hustle St.Louis meets at the Coffee Cartel in Central west End every week-  on Sunday at 8pm . We usually ride out close to 830. Rides range from city laps to the great beyond and back. We finish at The Handlebar in the Grove neighborhood. And we always bring that HuSTLe!

Tonight Tielsen recieves the coveted Wolfpack Hustle spoke card. We also observe his 42nd birthday as our good friend and lead-pack rider!

L2R; Tiel,Ernesto,Chris Ve,Eliot,Crystal,M-it,Bomber,Courtney,Kayce,ScheaSchea-lefast,jeremy,Cage,TomB,Charlie,Toph,Jack


RT side-Toph; Ghosting on the pic. Most pics are spent trying to get our brother settled down long enough to get a clear shot. It is never easy, but always funny.

L2R: Crystal,Chris Ve,Bomber,Eliot,Kayce,Jeremy,Charlie,Tiel,jack,M-it,Ernesto,Tom B,Toph,Scheafer,Courtney,Cage

Lead pack pace – there abouts.

We finish our ride at the Handlebar, as always. It’s a bicycle bar. It’s fucking awesome.

Winding down before the ride home at the Handlebar.
L2R: Eliot,Tiel,M-it,Bomber.

Wolfpack Hustle STL All-City Laps

October 17, 2012 in CRAY SHIT, Route Maps, St. Louis, The Hustle Ride by Big Wolf

We go wayyyy out into the county most Hustles, but sometimes it’s rad to just tear ass around your own backyard.  This whole city is our backyard.  According to our Stravas, we ride this city more than most, so Wolfpack Hustle STL City Laps has become a furious tradition, lapping our whole city, twice.  From the Arch to Skinker, and back again, Wolfpack Hustle STL is pushing mileage, and keeping those loners out there in check on the boards.

Longtime Hustler, and Dog Tag holder (1st Women’s Fixed, STL Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race, 2012), Wolfpack Tracy, received her spoke card before the Hustle.  I haven’t seen many people in STL city streets, on a bike, more than Tracy.  Congratulations Tray Tray.

What a bitchin’ ride.  Bring your Hustle, STL.

(from left) Kayce, Ben, Tiel, Toph (full kit), Bomber, Ve, Tracy, Courtney Push Hard, someone’s hand, and someone’s back.


Katie’s sick skull steez.


Ben pushin’ it to the limit.

Wheels, Jon S. (nickname inbound), Baby J, Ve, Toph A. Loaf, Tracy, ?, Kayce

Courtney and Jon C. took a small spill on the ride. Both Hustlers are fine. Jon’s back is hurting a little, but he’ll be okay. Wolfpack fam.

Jon is super hungry for some STL style ‘za from Imo’s.

Cool Cage

Baby J, Ve, Cage, ?, Kayce, Toph, Jon S., Tracy, Ben, Bomber (kneeling), Big Wolf, Wheelz (kneelz), ?, Courtney, ?

Wolfpack pace line, haha. We are gettin better…

At the top of Grand Hill, Bombz and Baby J were lookin’ ready to be DONE.

Toph crushes on the daily.

Obey signz.

Rollin’ up to The Wolfpack Spot: HandleBar.

?, Sean, Ben, Ve, Katie, Cage, Blick’s back, ?, Tracy, Wheelz, Bombzzzzz

A clear night to howl at the moon.

October 11, 2012 in The Hustle Ride by John Maniquis

Monday, October 1st. A very warm night was upon us, and it’s a rarity here in SF to not don a baselayer and warmers; cold weather is the norm for most evenings.

The view on top of Hawk Hill:

Midway on Top of the world descent:

WPH SF Class of 2012:

Bunker hill:

Blair Witch Hustle:

Battery Townsley new install:

Stats snapshot:

Strava: WPHSF#36
Flickr: 2hawksarebetterthan1

This past week, October 8th, I chose not to bring my DSLR on the ride. No photos were taken, but here are the Strava stats:

Strava: Man’sHellisSouthofMarket


Wolfpack Hustle SF. Strength in numbers.

September 28, 2012 in CRAY SHIT, News, The Hustle Ride by John Maniquis

WPH SF has recently experienced a surge in both ridership and pace. We seem to be attracting some new riders, I think due to our visibility and some word-of-mouth networking. Being friends with key companies such as MASH, Rapha, and Chrome, all of which mention our ride, is definitely boosting awareness for cyclists looking for a group ride.

We also have a very solid core group of regular riders (at least 8) that have been very consistent with attendance. Most of us also do big daytime rides on the weekends or after-work spins together.

Here is a snapshot of the past few weeks:


5 minute tunnel:

Atop Hawk Hill:

Strava map and stats: http://app.strava.com/rides/21573583

Lots of new faces:

Strava map and stats: http://app.strava.com/rides/21573121

Pics:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/shogunsage/sets/72157631618831667/
Group shot at ATT Park.

Strava map and stats:  http://app.strava.com/rides/23075726


Wolfpack STL In Technicolor

September 28, 2012 in CRAY SHIT, St. Louis, The Hustle Ride by Big Wolf

Wolfpack Hustla and graphic designer Jon Simons made this quick video of last week’s Hustle (9/23/2012), shot on his new GoPro.  As we, here in STL, continue to explore our city, grow, and smash the speed limits, we want to be able to share our experiences as much as possible with everyone.  Thanks for the film, Jon.  STL Wolfpack is bringin the Hustle.