Civic Center Crit: The STL Crew

July 11, 2014 in News

As many of you know, the Wolfpack Hustle has branched out, forming groups in a number of other cities, one if which is Saint Louis, MO. Looking to expand on Wolfpack A's Unified Title, Redhook Crit, and other fixed race success from last year, the team was expanded, and for the first time now includes some of the fastest riders from the STL chapter. With the 2014 Redhook in the mirror, the STL crew turned our focus toward the Civic Center Crit. George Jordan, Courtney Cushard, and myself all decided to step up, and make the trek out to LA. I got into town Thursday evening, and made my way over to Wolfpack HQ, where I got to see the magic happen (read: build my bike, eat food, and drink beer). Anxious to get the legs moving after a long flight, I hopped on my Aventon and spent an hour riding up and down the slopes in Griffith park. I immediately regretted leaving my 16t cog at home. Courtney Cushard landed his morning, and we met up for coffee and breakfast. After throwing her bike together, we went out and spent the afternoon just cruising around, acting like foo's on Instagram (follow the chaos @z_slavens and @cake_pants). George is arriving later this evening, at which point #geoffreybombersmashfest will commence. Anyway, we are all just stoked to be out here, racing for a great team of smelly punks who just wanna have fun on bikes goin' fast. We will all be out at the Wolfpack retrospective party this evening at 1739 on Vermont. Come on by, say what's up! - Zach