Clenched Teeth: Budinoff takes First place and GC at Fortune 700 Series

October 9, 2012 in Los Angeles, Race Events, Race Results

Megawolf Jon Budinoff took first place over all at the Fortune 700 Series!! At first glance Jon seemed to be in deep concentration, the fire in his eye.. clenched teeth.... but with all that ass whoopin it's easy to forget that Jon was in a serious crash not 3 weeks ago that took him out of the East Coast Messenger Stage Race. With a borken jaw wired shut, Budinoff still kills it. CONGRATS JON!

photo by Nicholas Rodriguez

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PODIUM RACE RESULTS STAGE #4 Women Fixed: 1st. Mei Meow 2nd. Jacklyn T. 3rd. Krista Nicole Carlson
... Men Fixed: 1st. N.Y. (Steve) 2nd. Tony Z 3rd. Edgar Willow Women Road: 1st. Helin Hernandez 2nd Gabby Peters Men Road: 1st. Jon Budinoff 2nd. Ryan Price 3rd. Dilla Clap