Competitor Spotlight: Alonso Tal

June 21, 2013 in Civic Center Crit, News, Rider Spotlight

A Brief History:
Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA via Watts then later moving to Leimert Park area & attending Birmingham High School in the San Fernando valley, I now live in Mt. Washington.
I can say 1st intro to bikes came around the age of six or seven when one of my cousin got his first 10 speed road bike it was a blue schwinn, note he was 15 years old at the time so the bike was way to big for me to try and ride let alone learning to ride but I had no cares there was only one thing on my young mind at that time and that was trying to ride that bike. after begging all day to ride, He finally asked me if i wanted to ride and if i knew how to, knowing that I couldn't I quickly said YES!... He asked again and I said yes. He helped me on the bike and my feet could barley reach the pedals form over the top tube but some way how I was able to pedal the bike... note I never rode a bike until then so it never accrued to me that not only was i riding a bike that was why over sized for me and I learned how to ride a bike that quick. Guess I can say i was a natural.
The Racing Bite:
Racing came by way of alley cat & other underground races thrown by cyclist & bike shop around LA. Some of those people I still know very well & ride with today, like Mikes Bike & Board shop on pico, Sean Martin, Downtown LA Massager, Hern Montengro, Orange 20 bike shop & many others like Don “Road Block” & Micheal Bowers “ Cool ass Mike”  who have all played a good part in building a really great cycling community here in Los Angeles, and some more then others.
My inspiration came & continues to come from many angles such as, riding with buddies like Kapo , Micheal Lohr of mikes bikes, group rides around LA,  my CBNC Teammates, bike massagers, kids that are just starting to race or getting they're first bike, events like cyclavia but i have to say there is one pro cyclist named Rahsaan Bahati that caught my eye some time back in my earlier riding years. He also happened to be from the same city I grow up in, just watching this guy tear up the road cycling world in the way did & to continue to watch Him do it witch style & grace just gave me all the inspiration I needed even though I haven’t crossed over to focus on road races witch I will be preparing to do at the ending of this 2013 summer. (I remember buying a $150 Rock racing jersey because i seen him wearing one - lol)
I kinda have a lone ranger story as to being in the urban cycling world, it started with group ride a around the LA and I think i’ve gone to just all of them once or at least showed up to them for the most part hahah, along with racing some of the local alley cats that are thrown witch I continue to still race today and even some in other city like San Francisco for Quick City Rumble.
I’ve been commuting around Los Angeles for some time just 9 years and about 6 of them races, I even did some private currier work for two summers 09 - 10 for a media production company out of culver city witch paid great, I think I took home $80 to $140 everyday that I worked and it was sweet because I was all under the able money.
But in all honesty just being apart of the cycling community is a joy the group ride, races, protest for more cycling self rode, rising money for fallen cyclist thats been hurt on the job, hurt while commuting or in a race it didn’t matter, your nationally didn’t matter, you’re gender didn't matter, how fast or how slow you was didn't matter the only thing that did was the love you had for it cycling community
No I’m not a cat racer but I will be soon, i have a running joke  “ I’m cat 2 commuters lol ”. I just truly enjoy fixed gear cycling and theirs not many things that can take me away from it, besides myself.
My stats this year, is to continue training for my road racing next year, it’s been ago long time coming.
Racing Across the U.S.
I’ve rode in San francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Washington, Arizona, Mexico, and many more. It depends on the the city’s cycling population the more the better. Be you know never know what you’re going to get in any city, its like a box chocolate and thats the truth! The other city’s are meh... i love LA - sorry. just saying!
When He's off the Bike:
I have a pretty good career going in brand management, and the moment I’ve working for Clae footwear as their concept store manger, I’ve also been hoarding my artwork & photography for the last 6 years but other then that Im always good for a turn up.
What's Next:
Definitely going to try to make as many races as I can the for what’s left of 2013, but I really wanna make some of the out of state & even out of the country races.
Alonso Tal on Wolfpack: 
I’ll just say I like wolfpack, Don’s my man. There used to be a time I could make it to their ride, but time & circumstance kept me away, but maybe in the future I can make a few rides.
Final Thoughts before Alonso Takes to the Streets:
“If you never take off you’re brake, you’ll never learn how to skid to save you’re life”