Competitor Spotlight: Brianna Brannan

June 7, 2013 in Civic Center Crit, News, Rider Spotlight

At this year’s Marathon Crash Race, Brianna Brannan took 3rd place fixed in her first ever bike race. After riding fixed for the first time in the summer of 2011, she came across and decided to check out a random ride from its ride calendar, which just happened to be Wolfpack Hustle. “I will never forget how lost I was with some [of the] other beginner kids, how I used my cell phone as a light and yet still made it to the end. . . about 45 minutes after the leaders.” It was then that she really began to get into racing, unable to go a day without riding. “What is so amazing about this sport is how close the cycling community is in Los Angeles and how much we got each other’s backs.” In 2012, she got her track bike and discovered the enjoyment of riding Mt. Baldy and through the Malibu canyons. “I still remember how proud of myself I was for riding from Venice beach to Downtown LA and back. I experienced that same accomplishment when I came in 3rd place at the MCR. However, since then, I've certainly stepped up my game, watch out ;)”   One on one with Brianna Brannan: When did you start riding a bike? I started riding a cheap mountain bike in high school to spend less time at home with my parents. I would take the beach bike path to Santa Monica High School even at 6 in the morning just to not drive to school with my parents (haha!) This was several years before I knew what fixed gear was.   What influenced you to pursue racing? Do you race "sanctioned" races as well?   The Marathon Crash Race was the first race I really tried. I had done the MCR two years prior, but just for fun. I would love to try a sanctioned race!   What do you think about when you train for races?  When I'm training I'm always just reminding myself to stay focused. In my opinion, it's all about the mentality and training your mind to tell yourself that you can get through the hardest of challenges.   What interests do you have outside of cycling? Outside of cycling I have a full-time retail job and am a full-time undergraduate at UCLA where I study Environmental Science. The plan is to attend graduate school for Urban/City planning - in Los Angeles, of course.   What is your all-time favorite racing moment to this day? My favorite moment was after the finish line at the MCR, I saw the faces and ecstatic expressions of my best friend and all the amazing cyclists I've trained with and we all knew how well we did. Seriously, we didn't all make it to the top rankings, but we all made personal records which means were definitely doing something right. I look forward to more of those moments.   What are you looking forward to this year whether in "sanctioned" races or "unsanctioned"? I just love the process of training. I'm looking forward to discovering more canyons and new cities. I'm looking forward to getting stronger and seeing my team and my number one trainer win some races!