Competitor Spotlight: Marc Marino

June 20, 2013 in Civic Center Crit, News, Rider Spotlight

I was born and raised in Connecticut and made the great move West to California when I was 18.  I gave BMX racing a chance when I was younger. But I would say I reintroduced myself to cycling in the fall of 2007 when I bought a Bianchi Pista off Craigslist on a whim. I initially found my way in to racing out of my own curiosity.  I started doing the intro to track racing sessions at Hellyer back in 2008.  Once I started racing, it was the friends I've made that inspire me.  Sure there's the handful of pros that everyone looks up to.. but the homies that I have to chase up Mt. Tam, or the ones calling me because I slept through my alarms, that's true inspiration. My history within the urban racing world has had its ups and downs for sure. I think I started doing alleycats here in San Francisco years ago, I was the kid showing up from the suburbs getting lost and finishing ultra DFL.  But I still had an amazing time.  I remember my first criterium was the House of Commons crit at Interbike in '09, where I finished 3rd behind Hern and another guy from LA.  I do hold a USAC license and am a Cat3 on the road and a Cat2 on the track.  I do both sanctioned and unsanctioned racing. My USAC results can be found here: 2013 Non-USAC results: Mission Bay Crit: 3rd Red Hook Crit: 22nd RHC Navy Yard: 3rd I've raced all over the Bay Area, and Northern California, Portland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Jakarta.  I've ridden all over those cities, but also spent a few days exploring Kyoto and the surrounding hills with some close friends.  It's hard for me to compare cities.  They're all so wildly different.  I'm from SF so I'll have nothing to talk about except the hills, the trolly tracks, the shitty Muni drivers, the inconsistent flow, and the weather.  I love New York.  The way Manhattan works is incredible, and you can get around so easily, and in Japan the pavement was pristine.  You could run tubulars with 160psi and not be bummed out.  Careful though, you have to have brakes.  Which was a law I was not informed of on arrival.  Luckily I didn't get caught.  Jakarta was another beast completely.  The traffic was unreal, scooters everywhere, and intersections the size of a city block in the financial district here.  Watching our amazing hosts dip in and out of traffic like it was nothing is something I'll never forgot. When I'm not racing or training (bro) you can find me at work serving up some of San Francisco's finest coffee or at home resting and eating.  Working full time and riding as many hours a week as I can without burning out is a job all in itself.  Nothing beats a good night's sleep. Well since it's the most fresh, my favorite race moment has to be the last three turns on the final lap at the RHC Navy Yards.  With Neil and Kyle escaping so early in, it turned in to a battle of luck and where you put yourself in those last two turns.  Seeing the 1 lap to go card out I knew where I had to be when I had to be there.  I made a move to the front out of turn 5, held it through the cobbles, and kept my face in the wind all the way to the finish.  Hitting those last three turns, a thousand people screaming at you, ringing the cowbells, and banging on the barriers, was (from my perspective) deafening.  I will never forget it.  My favorite part of cycling is just getting out on the road.  Hard work really pays off, and the satisfaction you get from achieving a goal you set for yourself is beyond description. For the rest of 2013 I can tell you I will absolutely be heading to the final two rounds of the Red Hook Criterium to defend my current standing in the series.  There is also lightweight talk with some friends about riding to Interbike again, but to make an adventure out of it.  And maybe get weird.  More to come! I think what you guys (Wolfpack) are doing for a car drowned Los Angeles is amazing.  The huge community you have formed, the rides and races.  To do that in such a place like LA is truly remarkable.  I have never personally been on theMonday Night Ride, but I did attempt the Marathon Crash race a few years ago.  2010 maybe?  It was a lot to take in.  So many racers.  I got lost in Beverly Hills somehow, and finished mid-pack?  Still had a great time.  For this Sunday.. I feel like a million dollars.  Looking forward to pre-riding the course. "It never gets easier, you just go faster."  Greg Lemond