Competitor Spotlight: Scott Piercefield

May 10, 2013 in Civic Center Crit, News, Rider Spotlight

Scott Piercefield crossed the finish line at the Wolfpack Crash Race this year in 3rd Place Overall and 2nd Place Fixed. An avid skateboarder for 18 years, Scott’s body not being able to take it anymore, pushed him in the direction to pick up a fixed gear bicycle. He says he needed to find something to help repair his worn out knees as well as commute to and from school, realizing that riding fixed was his best option. About five years ago, he ventured forth into road racing. “Shortly after my first week of riding, I started doing big rides and training with friends. Riding quickly turned into my lifestyle and there isn't a second I don't think about it. I now race road, mountain, and fixed gear races. The fixed races are by far my favorite, giving me an opportunity for my roots to shine.”   One on One with Scott Piercefield: What influenced you to pursue racing? Why?  I didn't intend to start racing until a few friends had pushed me. They saw the long hours I was putting in on my saddle and felt it was a waste without putting that effort to the test. After my first race, I was instantly hooked and so it all began. What have been your results this year in "sanctioned" and "unsanctioned" races? This year I have not participated in many races, mostly because I had recently relocated to Colorado and also because I am still slowly recovering from a broken leg. I do intend to do much more fixed racing around the US this summer, and some mountain bike races in Colorado. What do you think about when you train for races?  That top step of the podium! I also just think about the hurt that I will be feeling and if I don't get enough training in, it will be much worse. What interests do you have outside of cycling? Bikes take up almost all of my outside life, but I also enjoy spending time off the bike with my girlfriend Kate along with fishing and camping. What is your all-time favorite racing moment to this day? Any Red Hook crit or Crash Race! I have raced hundreds of times, and nothing beats the exhilaration of those 2 races. What are you looking forward to this year whether in "sanctioned" races or "unsanctioned"? I definitely look forward to the rest of the Wolfpack Hustle series, but also reclaiming my victory at the Lord of Griffith race.