Game Changer: Dwyane Wade at Miami Critical Mass and The Bicycle Generation.

December 7, 2012 in CRAY SHIT

Can't get over how cool this is... When I first heard of Critical Mass ages ago before the group ride phenomenon took over LA it was posed to me in a negative light. It was talked about in the media as a protest or as agitative to cars... It came as a surprise just how fun and non confrontational Critical Mass actually was the first time I rode on it. It is with clips such as this shot of Dwyane Wade speaking from almost a child-like enthusiasm for "the people" and showing a genuine love for cycling that will finally break down the barriers preventing real conversations about encouraging and facilitating cycling across the nation. ; Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade at Miami Critical Mass - YouTube. Another game changer? The advent of sophisticated DIY marketing put out by passionate talented artists from every corner of the world who happen to love cycling. Cycling this decade has inspired a massive grass roots DIY marketing industry "funded" mostly by sweat heart and love. Witness the quality of this piece put out by Miami Bike Scene. These films are timeless. We will look back on this decade as the bicycle generation.