Fortune 700 starts this weekend!

September 13, 2012 in CRAY SHIT, Los Angeles, Race Events

Here comes the Pasadena legend Chris Cono with the annual Fortune 700 Series. This year is looking SHARP. Check out the Jerseys up for grabs! FACEBOOK EVENT HERE
It's that time of the year when your exiting the end of summer and your peeked and ready to show it!This is SERIES of 4 Sunday events with each event being unique in it's own right. The all around rider(s) who do well in all events will be able to walk away with an option of 3 best of event jerseys! Do you have what it takes to capture "sprinter" jersey? Or a "climbers" jersey? Not to mention an overall stage class jersey?! ROAD / FIXED / CROSS
Sept. 16th: Pasadena - Time Trial (Rose bowl) 10 miles : Rose Bowl - Red Box 19 miles Sept. 30th: Pasadena - Long Beach - Pasadena 65.69 miles Oct. 7th : Chinatown Criterium 45 min each cat. Event registration day of starts at 9am. Race starts are set to begin at 10am ATTENTION CX RACERS! Sept. 30th event is a rest day for you. Only the CycloCross catagory will be skipping this day in order to compete in the SoCal Cross series event same day. We will see you for the final day back on the 7th of Oct.