Red Hook Crit: Wolfpack Hustle in NYC

March 23, 2012 in News, Race Events

Photo: John Watson

Photo: John Prolly

I arrived in New york on Wednesday night for the Red Hook Crit tomorrow (Saturday). Just like any other big event like this one, this is a great excuse for me to get out of work and hang out with friends from all parts of the world. A lot of big Alley Cat racers, Cat 1/2 racers and people from Europe are here for this big event. The weather is warm, the people are cool, the traffic is crazy but it makes for an awesome playground to a thill seeker like me. Thursday was my first actual day in NYC since I arrived late on wednesday night with my stomach turning and my head about to explode. After a goodnight sleep I crossed the bridge into Manhattan and met up with friends from San Francisco (Steve Totorelli and Jason Clary). Visited shops and met up with more friends. Thursday was fun. Pretty much a bunch of friends being tourist in New York. Today, Friday, was a lot like Thursday except that Stone Tone and his crew threw an awesome Alley Cat race in the city. Classic full on Messenger race during Rush Hour through Manhattan and Brooklyn. Some of the Best street racers in the World showed up to this event but most people who came for the Red Hook Crit did not participate in it because they wanted to save their legs for the big Race. Six Checkpoints, about 40 racers and a whole bunch of cars in the street. It was an Alley Cat racer's wet dream. After the 3rd checkpoint I lost my manifest and i lost myself. With no one around to chase i decided to go back to the house I'm staying, pick up my lock and go check out the finish. Austin Horse got 1st place, Crihs Thormann got 2nd and JT 3rd. After talking to a lot of the people who came out for this race I discovered the tension that's in the air. Many big names come from all parts of the world, many of the are some sort of national champion or Cat 1 racer. Lots of fast guys that make it sound like we don't have a chance. But the fact that these racers are Pros did not make me feel intimidated or scared by any means. I feel like riding Wolfpack and riding a Track bike on the street and the velodrome has overqualified me for this type of race. Now i may not be the fastest guy on the field but I know how to race a Brakeless Fixed Gear bike in a big group in a Crit type street race. With that said I feel like a lot of these Pro's are out of their element. This is not the type of race they do regularly and the fact they are fast and strong doesn't mean the winner is settled yet. I don't know If I'm gonna win but I feel pretty confident that I'll do well. My name is Hernan Montenegro and I'm about to show New York and the World what Wolfpack Hustle is all about. Wish me luck Tomorrow.