Wolfpack Hustle 2013 Marathon Crash Race
presented by Red Bull and Chrome

March 25, 2013 in Crash Race Sponsors, Los Angeles, Marathon Crash Race, News

The Wolfpack Hustle 2013 Marathon Crash Race presented by Red Bull and Chrome is now in the history books. This year, like every year, was a celebration and a hard fought battle to bring you the best of our best to accomodate the riders. The people that compete in this race are no ordinary men and women. To compete in a race like this, you need to be in TOP athletic form, ready for a battle and you need to be at minimum, slightly insane. LAPD estimates that 4000 people showed up at Tang's Donut at 4am to participate in this, the largest unsanctioned street race in the world. Our thanks and gratitude go out to ALL of the people who participated in this event. Our complete thank you list appears below, but the short list begins once again with Officer Gordon Helper of the LAPD who time and again has put his reputation on the line for the LA cycling community. Without his work both from the inside and in his skills leading rides and understanding rider behaviour on the streets... this race would not happen or be as safe as it manages to be considering the circumstances. This was the 4th year of the Marathon Crash Race and the best yet thanks in large part to our series partners and especially to our presentation partners Chrome and Red Bull. Both brands have been extremely supportive and have each provided value beyond just financial backing. We intend to get every brand we work with involved in our events. We thank City Grounds for hosting our registration online. More than 2063 people registered.Thats quite a responsibility. We thank Aventón bikes for deciding to back us and allow us the privilege of introducing their frames to you. we thank Mr. Thomas Forsyth for his unwavering support of bicycle culture in LA through our events. The weather couldnt have been better for the 4AM(ish) start this year.   2013 Marathon Crash Race OFFICIAL RESULTS: Our official finish line judge of the 2013 Marathon Crash Race is the honorable and knowledge-able Kieron Menzies of Ride The Black Line. Kieron compiled the results after literally hours of video review and screen capture. We would also like to thank the crowd for helping ID some of the 4000 riders we were attempting to track. We appreciate all the feedback on our FB page pertaining to our process and the circumstances of our race. Most of all we appreciate your patience. The following top 16 in the men and women's divisions get free entry into the second race in the Unified Title Series: The Los Angeles Criterium. Evan Stade of Wolfpack A crossed the line first over all. Repeat Dog Tag Winner, Jo Celso 1st Woman Overall crossed only 14 seconds later bringing the gap ever closer between men and women competitors. Celso stayed with the front pack right up until the final sprint on San Vicente and Ocean. In the fixed gear category Craig Streit State Bicycle team member and 2011 Marathon Crash Champ returned to the podium to take men's first fixed coming in a split second behind men's first overall. Chrome team mate Veronika Volok took first place women's fixed gear. Photo by Devon Tsuno Evan Stade crosses the line. photo by Tyler Quinn   Last year's Champ Robbie Miranda putting in WORK. We saw footage of Robbie RIPPING away from the pack this year. Video soon... Evan Stade sporting the 2013 Chrome coveted jersey. Photo by Mikey Wally First Fixed Woman Veronica Volok sporting the 2013 Chrome Coveted Jersey photo by Mikey Wally Evan sporting his brand new Marathon Crash Jersey by Endo Customs with Craig Streit who once again has removed the Dog Tags from their native land.... photo by Mikey Wally The Unified Title Series Standings as of March 17, 2013 The Unified Title Series presented by Red Bull and Chrome is more than just a battle between fixed and freewheel bicycles. Since each rider may choose different categories from race to race, this series is truly a series of individual strategy. Choosing to ride freewheel for the road race may make sense depending on the field. Riders are also permitted to enter both categories in the Los Angeles Criterium. The best placing achieved determines which points and category the rider gets to carry forward in the series. WE SINCERELY THANK EVERYONE who stood in line at the reg party. We were restricted to a guest list due to city legal requirements. Next year we will work to alleviate this. Some good times were had:   THANK YOU and CREDITS This list is long and not complete. PLEASE email and forgive me for not including you or spelling your name wrong... The City of Los Angeles LAPD OLYMPIC DIVISION Senior Lead Officer Gordon Helper Commander William Scott Captain Anne Clark SMPD Sergeant Phillbo Rubish The City of Santa Monica BHPD and the City of Beverly Hills Sara Bond - Producer / Production Coordinator Don Ward - Race Director / Executive Producer Swank One - Graphic Art Justin Garcia - EMS Coordinator Ace Carretero - Film / Media Mikey Wally - Film / Media Rafael Hernandez - Film / Media Dennis Gonzales - Scooter / Media Donnie Walker - Motorcycle / Media Kieron Menzies - Finish line Judge / Race logistics Stephan Andranian - Rolling Start / Legal Waiver Gern Trowbridge - Lighting / Finish line Production LaHarr - Rambo ass mofugga Don Ward - Finish line Camera Tyler Quinn - Finish line Camera Hans Wagner - Assistant Camera Norma Herrera - Merchandise Lauren Robison - Merchandise Chris Barnes - LACBC Bike Parking JJ Hoffman - LACBC DJ Patrick Miller FUZZBEAST - Projector Bike Dj Mikey Wally Warren Kommers Lee Diskin Rick Darge Rick Kleinsmith Hern Montenegro Richie Trimble Devon Tsuno The Volunteers - John Osnap Hamilton Palucha Paul Cooley Mikey Adamski Jimmy Zaffina Albert Soto Chris Redwine Krista Nicole Carlson James Hawkes Edward Mirzakhanian Omo Abode Alex Alcantar July Cardoza Jae Marin Melody Brocious Jesse Ramon Nick Perez Junu Kang Alya Stern Micah Hart Ruben DeClay Armando Almendarez Pako Flores Henny Alamillo Kat Namey Mom Ridaz Jeff Parker - The Vortex Steve Kelty - Red Bull Mike Tunney - Red Bull Pat Stahl - Red Bull Steve McCallion - Chrome Kenny Arimoto - Chrome Tara Moeller - Chrome The Team - Chrome Mr. Thomas Forsyth Jianwei - Aventón Bikes Gus Peraza Aventón Bikes Paul Ku- City Grounds Jack Ku- City Grounds Kevin Coleman - City Grounds Kathleen Barnes - Angel City Brewery Kru Vodka CrankLA Clothing