Rider Spotlight: Cole Maness

February 6, 2007 in .., Rider Spotlight

This flashback spotlight was written in February of 2007 when the ride was young and the dreams were big. Cole was a pillar of the ride for years and has since gone on to become an internationally known personality working with Ralpha and traveling the world. He is one of the most genuine people you could ever know. In the early years Cole was a founding member of Wolfpack A with a memorable second place win in the first of 3 All City Team Race series. Cole got separated from the team immediately at the start, but Cole being Cole, he had fun and worked with other teams to get to the finish just missing 1st place by 7 seconds making for an exciting finish. Cole sightings these days are rare, but when they happen, it's like he never left the pack. Feb. 2007: Be it fixed-gear or road bike Super Cole has earned a serious reputation by leading the pack in style and speed. Hailing from Memphis Tennessee Cole found a home with the Pack within days of his arrival in Los Angeles. In the 35 weeks since, he has not missed a single Hustle Ride. Of his many off-bike talents Cole has a keen sense of artistry having emblazoned our routes with his own WP Hustle stencil design. His artistic talents were highlighted by his detailed paint work on the Swindle Magazine / Wolfpack Hustle / Puma Re-Bike Charity bike. Cole is known to enter a race, and down some beers often times throwing a twist of humor into his outfit, but his real passion lies in the streets navigating traffic across this grimey cityscape we call Los Angeles.