Rider Spotlight: Fabian Vazquez

February 24, 2012 in .., Rider Spotlight

State your name and occupation.
My name is Fabian Vazquez. I am 20 years old born and raised in Los Angeles. I race for team Sho-Air and Wolfpack A. I work at Orange 20 Bicycles in East Hollywood.
Why do you ride a bicycle especially in Los Angeles?
I started off commuting to my high school in 2007. Only later did I truly find my niche in street races and rides throughout the city. I feel the cycling community is small enough in Los Angeles that you can learn everyone's name and it becomes this network you can rely on.
Tell us about your favorite set up and provide a picture
I love my Tarmac. period.
Describe your most challenging moments on a bicycle
When you feel like you have been riding hard for months. Every muscle in your body aches and your mind is fatigued.  Finding the focus to get on the bike and do it all over again. Keeping it fun and  has always brought me back.
Why did you start riding The Hustle Ride?
I had started to ride more to school and with friends. By word of mouth I heard of Wolfpack Hustle as a fast paced ride that was in my area. I showed up and got obliterated within the first 5 miles. Came back and got dropped but a little farther out, eventually I was able to finish the ride. Naturally you want to ride with the front pack and I just kept comin week after week till I was pullin' the pack.
Dog tags, do you have a set? What do they mean to you? If you have a set talk about how you got them.
I own a set of Dog Tags. They are from the Bike Vs Jet race. The entire event was great for Wolfpack it gave the ride international publicity. It also proved that in Los Angeles which is known as a "car city" cycling can be a viable source of transportation. I hope to win my own set of Dog tags in 2012
What your favorite kind of donut?
Chocolate with sprinkles.   Final words
If your not suffering, your not goin fast enough.