Rider Spotlight: Lynn Kennedy

February 25, 2012 in Rider Spotlight

Lynn Marie Kennedy is 26 years old and a veteran of the ride. She is originally from Boston, MA. and winner of last years Women's Fixed Gear Division Dog Tags. She will be back this year to defend. ...My name is Lynn, and I am currently working for an Event Coordinator in LA. My childhood was actually pretty difficult with some unexpected events, but I believe that having a hard upbringing has made me strong and I am happy to be the person I have become. I ride a bicycle in LA as transportation. I do not own a car. Lane splitting to weave through traffic is a fun and freeing feeling. Staying fit and helping our environment is also rad. As a cyclist what kind of challenges do you face that men may not? I believe that women face a lot more judgement in cycling than men because cycling is so male dominanted and can be competitive. Female cyclists have more pressure "to prove" that we can be just as skilled and to not be boxed into some kind of stereotype. What kind of advantages do you think women may have as bicycle riders? Drivers don't try to hit us as often lol. Also at a competitive level women have the advantage of moving up faster because the field is smaller than in men's.   Favorite set up? My Lemond Fillmore will always be my favorite and riding 49/15 fixed is my favorite gear ratio. What do you love about a city when you are on a bicycle? I love taking in the scenery and feeling the warm sun on my skin and the wind through my hair.     Most challenging moments on a bicycle? My most challenging moment on my bicycle would have to be riding through harsh Eastcoast winters. Some days it can be below zero degrees. You have to deal with black ice, snow, freezing wind whipping at your face, and being so cold that your face, hands and feet go numb. I do not miss those days! Do you commute by bicycle or do you mostly ride for sport? I commute by bicycle and also ride for sport. I am actually on Predator with Hern. Proud to say that I am the 1st female to be on their team. :) Why did you start riding The Hustle Ride? I started riding The Hustle Ride when I first moved to LA in 2006. I found out about the ride on Midnight Ridazz. It seemed like it would be fun and a good way to make friends. Really glad I went! I am still friends with people I met on my first WP. Favorite kind of donut? Chocolate Glazed <3   Dog tags, do you have a set? What do they mean to you? I have a set of dog tags. :) They mean a lot to me. They are special because they are rare, you have to earn them, and it commemorates the event I won them in. I got my dog tags last year by placing 1st women's fixed and 1st woman over all at the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race. The race started at 4am, 26 miles long, 300 racers, and in the pouring rain. Final words Work hard, love hard, play hard, and ride hard!