THANK YOU. Midnight Drag Race 2012

July 30, 2012 in CRAY SHIT, Los Angeles, Midnight Drag Race, Race Events, Race Results

The Tunnel as it was left by the LA cycling community at 4:30AM on July 29th 2012….

The Historic 2nd St. tunnel at approximately 4:30AM just hours after the Midnight Drag Race.

Dear Everyone,

THANK YOU for making The Wolfpack Hustle Midnight Drag Race a dream come true. The cycling community in Los Angeles NEVER ever ever ever ceases to amaze me. Never. There is something about people who choose to ride bicycles particularly in Los Angeles… Maybe it is the humbling nature of riding a bicycle on hostile streets that pulls people from every background together under one umbrella to create magical experiences like we did on Saturday night. People have been thanking me for what happened on Saturday, but it feels disingenuous to accept thanks because this was no less than a grass roots community of people that made this event happen. So many people need to be thanked including the 2000+ spectators who treated the historic tunnel and this event with so much respect. The most incredible part was the amount of people who stayed till the end, and picked up trash, rounded up cones and actually left the tunnel cleaner than we found it. Mind blown. Only this LA bicycle community has that kind of grit and energy.

Many many people did their part but I’d like to extend special thanks to Sara Hernandez the Downtown LA director for CD14 who brought this concept to the Councilman, to Officer Gordon Helper who volunteered his time for the entire event and for generally being the most awesome cop on the planet, Dorothy Wong and Chris Basset of SoCal Cross Timing, Rick Kleinsmith of TRAFIK, Patrick Miller, Kieron Menzies, Norma Herrera, Taj Johnson, Ben Mook, Manny Gallegos, Gern Trowbridge, Lauren Robison, Mehdi Farsi, Paul Ku, Thomas Forsyth, Raymond Roker, Steve Kelty and so many more listed below.

The list of thanks is long and it is INCOMPLETE. Please email me if you volunteered and don’t see your name on this list and please accept my humble apology in advance for neglecting to put you on.

If you had a good time on Saturday please thank each one of these people and support these companies when you can.

Councilman Jose Huizar
Officer Gordon Helper LAPD
City Grounds
State Bicycle Co.
Thomas Forsyth Bicycle Attorney
SoCal Cross Timing
PureFix Cycles
Swank One
BLKMarket Bicycles
Activate Drinks
Orange20 Bikes

Rick Kleinsmith – Producer
Manny Gallegos – production
Gern Trowbridge – production
Mike Magdalen – production
Erik Mateo – op crew
Jesus Lizama – op crew
Eric Jojola – op crew
Joseph Bray Ali – op crew
Saul Jimenez – op crew
Eric Jojola – op crew
Joseph Santos – op crew
Chris Redwine – op crew

Dorothy Wong
Chris Basset
Jeff Herring

Race Marshal and crew:
Kieron Menzies – Race Marshal
Alex Steiner
Lynn Kennedy
James Villagrana – MR. DQ
Edwin Bonilla
John Osnap Clark
Matt Zuk
Chris Redwine
Hern Montenegro

Legal Waiver:
Stephan Anrdranian Law

EMT and Medical Bike:
Justin Garcia – EMS Coordinator
Tallbike Oscar
Nick Morgan
Juan Blanco

Rider Safety:
Bob Hydar
Samson Hydar

Siobhan Dolan
Heidi Hydar
Norma Herrera
Edson Palucha
Joseph Adam Santos
Dorothy Wong
Justin Diep
(need more names please email)

Audio / Video:
Patrick Miller – Producer
Paul Bivens (LA-VA)
Beex (Icy Lytes)
Jonny Boy (Los Angelopes)
Fuzzbeast (Los Angelopes)

Carlos Alfaro
Mark Kleinsmith
Nicolas Rodriguez
(need more names please email)

The Throne:
Taj Johnson – Art Director / Production
Paul Allison
John Mascaro

Drag Race Light Tree:
Rev. Ben Mook – Art Director / Production

City Grounds Athlete Zone:

Documentary / Production:
Warren Kommers
Rick Darge
Richie Thomassen
Ace Carterro
Dennis Gonzales
Wendy Macias

Lauren Robison
Norma Herrera

Emergency Web Help:
Sam Gendler

Freek Bike Races:
The Los Angelopes

Clean Up:
The tunnel was SPOTLESS when we left.
Dj Chicken Leather
Gern Trowbridge