The Midnight Drag Race. July 28th 2012 –
Doors open at 7pm. Racing starts at 8pm

July 6, 2007 in CRAY SHIT, Los Angeles, Midnight Drag Race

... This is a FREE public event. LOCATION: 2nd St. and Figueroa Historic 2nd St. Tunnel Downtown Los Angeles

Doors open at 7pm, racing starts at 8pm.


Racers must purchase a ticket to race. Limited $20 late reg. slots MAY be available pending schedule. RACERS are encouraged to get there 60 mins EARLY.

What is The Midnight Drag Race?

At the very core of this event is a highly competitive precision timed bicycle sprint race. The race will be surrounded by music, food trucks, digital projection and more. We have opened registration on a first come first serve basis with a cap of 200 entries. All riders who race will be timed against a clock on a straight away of 1000ft. To make things interesting we will pair up riders and time them simultaneously.

How fast can you clear 1000 ft?

Wolfpack Hustle has partnered with SoCalCross Precision Timing to provide accuracy to the hundredth of a second. Athletes will come away knowing EXACTLY where they stand against the field. Results will be posted after each heat.


The top time running for men's and women's divisions after each HEAT will be awarded the Throne. If a previous time still stands at the end of a subsequent HEAT, the Throne remains held. However, if a new top time is determined, the current occupant is De-Throned and the Throne re-awarded to the new best time. Prizes are awarded to the Throne after every HEAT.

Grudge Match Your Frenemy.

Got an old beef? A score to settle? Spot a suspicious looking KOM? Ticked off by mister tighty pants who likes to blast past while you ride with one hand sipping coffee? Hannel it right here. Challenge a friend (or a foe) and settle the final EFFIN sayso.

How to set up a Grudge Match?

  1. Sign up and purchase a ticket for a heat.
  2. Be sure to coordinate with your opponent to purchase the same HEAT number.
  3. When it's time, may the chips fall where they may!

Head to Head Bracketed Elimination

After all racers have been timed, the top 16 times across all HEATS in both the men's and women's divisions will compete in a bracketed elimination tournament. 1st place vs 16th place, 2nd place vs 15th place and so on until the last person is standing with Dog Tags.


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The Floor Plan:

    Volunteer! Please use the contact page form and select volunteer if you would be so kind as to offer your services.