The Red Hook Crit Barcelona

August 29, 2013 in HANNEL ET, News, Red Hook Crit, video, Wolfpack A

If, back in 2007 when we threw together our first Wolfpack A team to compete in a DTLA messenger relay race, someone would have told me that the team would someday end up in Europe to duke it out with the world's best in a yet to be invented international track bike crit I think pretty much anyone would have scoffed. Yet somehow I've always had the feeling that Wolfpack A was going to do big things and my guess is that the 2007 version of me wouldn't have batted an eye at the suggestion. True, at the time, "urban cycling" wasn't a catch phrase and at the time bike riding let alone track bike riding was still an underground thing in LA but the passion for us was already burning. Thankfully, we've continued to have some very passionate people behind us and for that we thank Aventon Bikes and Thomas Forsyth. Barcelona? That happened. We look forward to whatever 2014 brings us.   .. I'd like to send a big shout out to team riders Fabian Vazquez and Zach Morvant for repping and putting their guts into this race. The Red Hook Crit aint for the faint of heart. It takes strength, speed, guts and you have to be a little crazy too. After all is said, it is the athletes shoulders upon which this all rests and these guys performed well under pressure. Both qualified at the top of their group and both finished. Fabian's first finish 23rd and Zach's first time out at 41st. Congrats fellas! I'm extremely proud. .. ... LOVE this video by Peterthespoon aka Pedro Sanchez of Catalunya. Seriously man, lemme know when the revolution begins I will come back and fight for you. ... WiFi Bumz - The AirBNB apartment was in a great location in the Poble Sec area had 3 bedrooms, kitchen shower washer.... but the WiFi was all a big hoax. We became regulars at the wifi enabled cafe around the corner even when it was closed. We also discovered that there was no hot water, the fridge was crusty and the washer had thick black mold... It was like living in a man cave except the scum belonged to someone else. Of all the issues, the lack of wifi was the one that was painful. I actually began to like the cold showers after a long day of riding and shooting in the city and like I said, the location was perfect. ... Nice. ... This man caught us riding Gran Via and kept up as we hustled through intersections. Turns out he had ridden about 4000km so far this summer staying exclusively at one hotel chain and writing about each location. That was his job. I want that job. Final stop was Switzerland. ... The W Hotel is an icon of Barcelona. The Mediterranean Beach was all that and then some. People of all shapes and sizes. Everyone was natural and beautiful. Except maybe that one guy with the wet cigar stub. ... On Thursday we met at Dos Noventa for a group ride up up up the hill to the Velodrom D'Horta site of the 1992 Olympic cycling competition. Such a beautiful wooden world class track. I couldnt get over where we were and how crazy it was to be on this trip. ... We were invited to ride the velodrome by Ferran Bartolomé who is working on a project called PistaBCN (, a track club focused on preserving the track and promoting track bike culture in Barcelona.   ... Brilliant podium ... Random airport photo in Dusseldorf ... Finally back home to a Machos Tacos veggie burrito. THANK YOU to AVENTON BIKES, THOMAS FORSYTH, ENDO CUSTOMS, CASTELLI and PETERTHESPOON for supporting us. Thanks and see you again some day Barcelona.