Wolfpack Hustle Century

October 5, 2012 in CRAY SHIT

This week a few Hustlaz decided it was time for Wolfpack STL to do a Century. Wheels, Baby J, and I started our ride heading North, to go see the fabled Piasa Bird.  What we didn't expect was to pick up a fourth Wolfpack Hustla, up in Alton, IL.  We got the infamous Chris Green to finish our Century with us---on a brakeless, clipless, no-bar-tape-havin' Cinelli Mash track bike.  We rode 76 miles, and ended at Coffee Cartel, for the Hustle, to finish the hundo properly, with our Wolfpack family, who cheered us on, and lifted our spirits.  I still don't know where Green got the stomach to do 100 miles brakeless on a whim, except that, this is Wolfpack. The Hustle went to Jefferson Barracks Park, where a very weary Big Wolf got us a little lost a couple times, looking for the river.  Thanks to Tiel's OG STL experience, we got there, socialized thoroughly, and rode a beautiful new bike trail all the way up to River Des Peres.  Thanks Tiel.  I'll check the map a little better next time...

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge (Mississippi River)

Paying respects to our nomadic ancestors of this land. Natives used these bluffs for shelter from the elements. The Piasa Bird remains, and so do we.

76 miles in, Wolfpack Hustle begins. No rest for the wicked...

Beautiful bridge. Definitely coming back in the day time.

Wolfpack STL: friendzone, sucka

  Bring your Hustle, STL.