Wolfpack HuSTLe Jefferson Barracks 11-10-13

November 15, 2013 in St. Louis, The Hustle Ride

On Sunday night we did an old but super fun hustle. We head down to Broadway from Coffee Cartel and head South all the way to Jefferson Barracks Park, turn around and come back, hitting up Chouteau and all of its hills. Not a long hustle but that means you have to hit it a little harder to get all you can out of it. And that's exactly what we did with lead pack averaging over 20 mph. KILLIN IT!!!! Wolfpack owns Broadway! Andrea came out for her second hustle and Owen came out to his first. Both of them kicked ass! I hope they come out again this week. See y'all Sunday  
Robert always looks like that when he drinks

Robert always looks like that when he drinks