Wolfpack Hustle San Francisco: 2 years and still pushing strong.

February 11, 2014 in News, The Hustle Ride, Uncategorized

Time is an odd phenomenon. It can seem slow, or it can pass you by in a blur. It's more the latter when I think of the past 2 years Wolfpack Hustle has been stomping through the streets of San Francisco. Our very first ride drew quite a few people out of the woodwork...you see, unlike the night ride scene in SoCal, San Francisco is sparse in that department. What's even more interesting is the turnout we had despite the fact that the first ride was not under the Wolfpack Hustle moniker (It had no name for the first four rides).

First ride

The first ride. 1-30-2012

Much like the original WPH from L.A., we relied on nothing more than word-of-mouth and Facebook to promote our ride. With new social media outlets such as Instagram and STRAVA, news of our ride was spreading. New riders documented their experience with our group in shared photographs and hashtags. Once secured STRAVA segments would be swept by our crew in considerable and definitive fashion. CAT 1-2 racers would show up and describe the ride as a "high-intensity interval training" ride.

Year one

One year anniversary. 2-4-2013

Just like any group ride, we would have riders show in different frequencies. Some would show up, love the ride, and never return. Some would ride intermittently. And some would get hooked, and be there week in and week out. Two things were remaining consistent: bikes were being ridden, and fun was being had.

Year two.

Year two. 1-27-2014

If you're ever in town, please swing by on a Monday and say hello, hopefully with bike in tow. We meet at 7:45pm on Patricia's Green on Hayes and Octavia, every Monday, rain or shine. STRAVA Group: Wolfpack Hustle SF Links to photosets below: Inaugural Ride 1 Year Anniversary 2 Year Anniversary