Wolfpack HuSTLe – St.Louis 12-16-2012

December 17, 2012 in St. Louis, The Hustle Ride

Wolfpack assembles At the Coffee Cartel in Central West End

Wolfpack Hustle St.Louis meets at the Coffee Cartel in Central west End every week-  on Sunday at 8pm . We usually ride out close to 830. Rides range from city laps to the great beyond and back. We finish at The Handlebar in the Grove neighborhood. And we always bring that HuSTLe!

Tonight Tielsen recieves the coveted Wolfpack Hustle spoke card. We also observe his 42nd birthday as our good friend and lead-pack rider!

L2R; Tiel,Ernesto,Chris Ve,Eliot,Crystal,M-it,Bomber,Courtney,Kayce,ScheaSchea-lefast,jeremy,Cage,TomB,Charlie,Toph,Jack


RT side-Toph; Ghosting on the pic. Most pics are spent trying to get our brother settled down long enough to get a clear shot. It is never easy, but always funny.

L2R: Crystal,Chris Ve,Bomber,Eliot,Kayce,Jeremy,Charlie,Tiel,jack,M-it,Ernesto,Tom B,Toph,Scheafer,Courtney,Cage

Lead pack pace - there abouts.

We finish our ride at the Handlebar, as always. It's a bicycle bar. It's fucking awesome.

Winding down before the ride home at the Handlebar.
L2R: Eliot,Tiel,M-it,Bomber.