Wolfpack HuSTLe – St.Louis 12-16-20122a



One thought on “2a

  1. Tielsen Barragan says:

    Wanted to say than you for the consideration. It is an honor to get this card. I have to thank M-it Wheelson, Micah Goulet, Ben Norton and Chris Parron for getting me started, encouraging me to push more, establishing a fun routine and being helpful with advise on what to do and not to do. Everyone in Wolfpack is so supportive and positive it is hard not to strive for more when you are surrounded by such great people. It is as much an indirect function of friendship as a direct function of effort. I say that because without the support and positive feedback I probably would have quit a few times. It just feel so good to get out there every week and push and push hard. No whining, no excuses. So rewarding to do. Riding in Wolfpack has broken down limits that I set on myself and opened my eyes to new goals and possibilities. My wish is for everyone to get an opportunity to experience that kind of thrill.

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