#WOLFPACKCRIT Instagram Virtual Product toss (whuuuut.)

May 24, 2013 in Civic Center Crit, Crash Race Sponsors, CRAY SHIT, News, Race Events, The Hustle Ride

Y'all getting teams together for the #WOLFPACKCRIT?
Here we go again with the Instagram "virtual product toss™®©." This was pretty fun last time. You know the drill you pick up the SWAG at the June 23rd Criterium at City Hall! Tag your photos: #WOLFPACKCRIT #FINDYOURCREW #WOLFPACKHUSTLE CRIT RACES take raw speed and power, but also a good part strategy and coordination between people. When you train for this, try training with a group or joining a group ride to get a feel for this. Show us your team or ride groups and post them on INSTAGRAM. We will reward the best photos with swaggie. SWAGGIE! We don't care who you are we dont care what you are wearing (if anything) we just want to see you out there riding! Best team names, furthest spots, best views, funniest names, biggest teams, lone wolves.... put together a group ride and practice working together. Show us your drills your training all that good shit and we will pick out the best and the ones that get like and comments. Make it fun. Wait what? you need suggestions for team names? hmmm ok you could be the Roidinspandexroadies or how about Hurrinhipsters.... ? Ok ok ok... we will leave it up to you to be creative... Hannelenanemalzz? This weeks SWAG prize comes from Chrome Industries The Welded Post Bag check it out: http://www.chromeindustries.com/bags/welded-postbag We will check the feed for NEW photos as of 5/24/2013 We will throw out the Chrome bag next Friday...